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And Then I Stood Before God

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

God Tree

God Tree

I watched and waited for the verdict

As my heart was being ripped apart, my palms sweaty and my soul still hurting

“We find the defendant, Not Guilty!”

I stood up in shock as the man who murdered my son walked free

I was statue. I could not believe this monster was allowed to leave

The people of the court erupted in disbelief

The son of a wealthy oil tycoon, who funds the government with millions

Seems to have judges, lawyers and jurors in his pocket, his minions

He drank, he got drunk, he drove, and now little tommy got mowed down

But his power kept him from behind bars, he is free to be on his own

What kind of corrupt system is this?

Where does a poor black man achieve his justice?

As he left the court room he turned and looked at me and gave an evil grin

His expression told all, he had no regrets in killing that kid

I walked out of the courtroom not within myself

My mind was consumed by hate and vengeance and lost faith in everything else

The cameras, the reporters, all took his pictures while he proclaimed his innocence

Lies all lies was what his lips said

Then the devil told me the truth, I walked up to him, pulled my revolver and shot him in the head

There it is, there is the real justice the world needs

Where the guilty pay in proportion for their misdeeds

As the police scampered in I knew it was my time to go

As I held the gun under my chin and like the winter's wind my life blew

Then I saw a light, a blinding light which emitted from a being quite odd

It was then that I knew I was standing before God

“I have done wrong father, why am I not in the pits of hell?”

“Then I felt a powerful force like a hand rest on my shoulders and said, “All is forgiven”

Then I saw little Tommy running to me, his eyes sparkling with grace

My son held my hand and said, “come father, this is our new place.”

I knelt down and squeezed him close to my bosom, embracing the light

For even though I had done wrong, in the eyes of others, I did right.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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