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And So You Shall Believe!

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Has the other side bent to you yet?

Has the other side bent to you yet?

If ever you feel you have gone wrong,

They'll correct your tune with their own song.

Singing it loud and singing it strong,

And so you shall believe!

What you see as yellow they'll say it is white,

Your brightest days turned to darkest of nights.

Bellowing harsh to fill you with fright,

And so you shall believe!

Oh how you yearn for the day we are kind,

Can't hit pause and can never rewind.

Their sentiments so loud you could go blind,

And so you shall believe!

Stabbed your friend until they were dead,

They said guilt was upon your head.

What they did buried beneath the bed,

And so you shall believe!

Align with the left to be told you are right,

Spinning around with no end in sight.

Silenced you to hide a true plight,

And so you shall believe!

"I hear you," they'll vehemently say,

As you scream beneath their fray.

Lies spill forth like a beautiful play,

And so you shall believe!

Words wrapped 'round my throat so violent,

Choking away until I fall silent.

Only in death will they find me compliant,

And so you shall believe!

No matter the words I always receive,

Meaningful gestures meant to deceive.

I spit on the angles that you shall conceive,

And so I shall not believe!

Who's Right?

It is all-too-often we come across individuals that will claim to support you, your beliefs, and even how you experience reality while telling you you're wrong. Just as often we can come to the conclusion that their support means they accept you as wrong, and want you to know it, but would rather not argue any further than expressing their own beliefs as being right; this is not acceptance. Even more common would be finding that the sentiment being expressed already exists, and has been pushed violently upon others to the detriment of its believers.

So, when everyone is willing to meet in the middle-ground only to say, "You're wrong, and that's okay," no matter the topic of discussion, can anyone truly be right? No, and that's something we could all work on: Come to the middle-ground without an opinion, and express excitement for diversity of the individual, or remain silent.

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