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And Judgment Has Fallen

Updated on October 2, 2017

You have seen nothing yet...

Darker days are ahead...

it must be so...

to fulfill Bible prophecy...

even His very own will go through the turbulence...

it must be so that he may purge his Bride...

many who refused Him in the past will submit...

as they witness the pouring out of His judgement...

many souls will be saved through much heartache, America!

This is the only way. His blessings did not turn your heart to love Him.

You took his goods and played the whore before Him, just as your twin Ancient Israel did.

At this point, how else can He prove to you He is the Almighty, other than to whip you with many stripes?

For denying His rightful place in your heart.

He did not want it to go this way. Oh no, He did not.

He pleaded and warned. Warned and pleaded, he has.

You chose other gods instead and boasted of it to His face.

Now sorrow, uncertainty and fear plague your land, from sea to shining sea.

As is your way, you harlot, your hard and stubborn heart still will not cry out to God for mercy because you are not ready to forsake your evil ways.

But in a while, after He has sent great despair your way, you will know that He is God.


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