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And I Thought...

I am a software engineer but I'm found of writing my thoughts. Hub pages is a fantastic sight to fulfill my hobby.


I Thought...

I thought alone that life would always be

Laden with flowery ways;

No thorns would ever come to me

And wound my happy days.

I thought all those who cared for me

Would continue to care.

I never thought they'd leave my heart,

I never thought, i swear!

I thought that all the joys and fun

Were made for me alone,

And all the pleasures, smiles and cheers,

Never, they would be gone.

I thought that i would never know

The meaning of despair;

No pains, no sorrows and no guilts,

No miseries would be there.

I thought my bird of pleasant dreams

Would never cease to hum;

Unpleasant dreams would never reach

My eyes, not even some!

My thoughts, I never thought would end

In nothing, but the pains,

And happiness would fly away

But sadness would remain.

I thought that all i thought would be

The only truth in all.

I never thought my pleasant tree

Of thoughts, would ever fall.

I thought that I would win your heart

I always thought I would.

I thought, but what I thought was wrong,