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And I Need You So

Honeylyn L. Casquijo will once again inspire us that love is a beautiful one.


You're the jumbled railroads

I had to go through every day

you are my cross and my burden.

you are my death and sorrow

you're the heaven

that I couldn't reach

you're the horizon

I couldn't get to meet

but you're the ever reason

that I live.

You're the tornado

swearing away my dreams

you're the bridge

that I couldn't get across

you're the lion hiding

in every beast

but you're the hell

that I ever wanted.

In my skies

you're the cloud

you brought heavy showers

to my little field

your a storm

a disaster for my lifetime

you're the moon, though

that I looked up every night

and you are the sunshine

that I want to look forward

each day.

iCredit to DeviantArt via Pinterest for the photo.

© 2021 Honeylyn Casquijo

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