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Ancient Pain

We sometimes want to work things out alone, to keep the troubles inside and to suffer alone, but ... we can't. No one can.


Climbing, no

crawling, I am

... crawling up

The stairs, with all the

loads on my back

Larger than my body.

On top of my head, a

crater, now, filled with

A quarter of water, but

still heavier than

... my skull.

I tripped, again,

fell down…

face on the floor,

Crater built hard, but

Another half was


Bags dumped over me, heavy.

.... I cannot breathe,

Nor can stand.

Hand gripping the

precious crater

Other, clasping

on the step.

Holding on, but

even my arms are

Too stiff to make

another move.

Staring at pairs

of feet, a lot

continuously passing

... my very eyes

Only part that functions,

It burst out

… all the pain.

© 2021 Kathrine S

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