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Ancient Day Lovers Union Dance

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.



I Close My Eyes

As My Lover

Touches My


I Taste The

Salt From My

Tear Drop Rolling

Down My Face

A Warning Tear

Echoing Out From

The Depth Of

My Inner Soul

Telling My Heart

This Is Not Love

It's A Evil Dance

The Devil Touch

The Spoiled Salt

Of This Bitter

Modern Day Love

The Corruption Dance

I Want The

Soft Tender Love

Of A Holy

Ancient Day Lover

I Want Too

Taste A Sweet

Tear Drop Roll

Down My Face

I Am Craving

The Holy Trinity

Dance Of Union

Into Christ Blessings ~ ~ ~



I am Marrying Into Union

With My Ancient Day

Holy Soul Mate.

.A Love That God

Unites And Chose

For Me, A Woman.

For Him, A Man.

We Travel The Journey

Together In Pure Trinity

Blessings From God.

Into Union As One

With All Creation

There Love Is Unveiled

There Love Is Tested

Through Ancient Family

Holy Courting Rituals

And Rules

The Male Seeks

Beauty In A Woman

An Innocence Of Purity

Gentle And Nourishing

Love, Kind, And Giving

She Must Have The

Qualities Of

She Must Need His

Parents Approval

Their Love Is Unveiled

Their Love Is Tested

Through Ancient Family

Courting Rituals

And Rules

He Should Be Strong

Spiritual In Abrahams

Stern Laws Of God

He Represents The

The Abraham Family

Descendants And

Family Tree

He Must Honor It

A Like A King

Guarding The

Family Name

He Must Be Virtual

And Handsome As

A Mythology God

In Honoring His

Honor For God

He Is Given

The Crown Of

Becoming A Man

He Walks Out Of

The Gates Of Boyhood

Into Man Hood

He Enters Into Man Hood

With Full Dedication

He Then Becomes

Highly Honored

By Her Family

And The Entire

Village Community

His Entry Into Man Hood

His Father Is Extremely


In Mentoring A Boy

Into A Man Of Wisdom

And Part Of The Citizen

Of The Community

He Will Be Honored

That He Will Help

Represent The Keeper

Of God's Ancient Laws

Of The Ten Commandments


Union Of Love

He Is Full Of Passion

For The Fruit Of Love

Their Love Is Blessed

By God

He Is Handsomely


His Built Is Masculine

His Soul Like An Angel

He Is A Like

Arch Angel Michael

A Protector Of Female

And Children

He Is Willing To

Battle Lucifer

Guarding The Gates

Of His Home And Mate

He Will Defend His

Castle Gates, His Home

His Children He Will

Honor Fully, Knowing

It Represents The

Purity Of Their Love

Once They Meet

The Approval Of

Both Parents

And The Village

Community Of

Men And Women

Their Courtship Begins

And Is Fully Honored

And Closely Monitored

By All

A Virgin Of Purity

Is The Gift Her Parents

Give To Him And

His Family

His Morals, Ethics, Wisdom

And Family Structure

Following The Laws Of God

Is The Gift He Gives

To Her Family

The Holy Celebration

Of Their Love

In Union As Soul Mates

Is Celebrate By All

As The Priest Gives

Them Their Union Cup

Of Holy Matrimony Vows

To One Another

For Eternity

Their Holy Union

Is Written Into

The Tree Of Life

Holy Holy Is Their Love

For Now They Are One

God Blesses Their

Union Of Love


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