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Anarchic Irrationalism

I enjoy challenging as well as quite adventurous roles, though I'd love the workplace to be quiet it doesn't really matter to me, I'm lookin


Ranging back to our past of five
when we just saw the world so naive
Going back to our past and reading about the cardinals,
Leaders went like, ‘energy’s language, we are... start from nothing and reach nowhere,

Having officials' rationality at the top,
still much lacks.
Whom do we blame?
the celestials of the government assorting people in a line,
Assertiveness starts at the periphery of the mime,
the devoted get the foreground, a real root...
getting their heads ready to listen to the coot,
Making them ‘real’ was a good choice they made... but the rationality part sucked,
Just like many others just accepted the problems,
Contrary to those who ducked,
and moved on with their own opinions and fought,
Alas! we feel pity for the loyal
Who were meant to be anything but rational,
for them who stood on the ideological line,
But their erratic mind still thinks that

degrading contrary opinions' fit-up and the repercussions halts at the edge of the dime


© 2022 Arthur Linen

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