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An Apocalypse.

I’d like the preface this by saying,
I know your going to see this.
I know your going to decode every sentence.
I know your reading all of these.
Though I am not writing for you,
I do keep you in mind.

Now on to my heartfelt sentiments.

I have always adored the night,
The absolute silent.
The cool air.
It is the only time I have enough room in my mind to breathe.
I’m sure the night before the moon came in,
I was wondering upon something unimportant.
School drama, my crushes, the like.
I had no idea the next morning,
I’d meet the moon in physical form.
I had no idea the girl that I would so utterly fall in love with would be coming into my life that day.
It was odd, really.
I was anxious.
I am typically not a very anxious person with people,
They do not scare me.
But I felt this girl had something on me.
Something that unsettled me.
We began talking and I began feeling the effects of my evil in their full form.
I wanted her.
I knew it from the beginning,
I wanted to claim her as mine.
Though I did not let my urges get out of hand,
I took my time on this.
I figured we’d have forever.
That was my first mistake,
believing I had time.
Because I did not.
2 years later,
She would be leaving me
and everything we had made together.
It felt like hell.
It still feels like hell.
I believe the day she left,
Was the apocalypse.
It was the day the sun blew up,
And darkness fell.

© 2019 Matt Therres

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