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An Ode to Peace _ Poem for Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden

I'm a fan of poetry. Graduated theologian by profession, in my spare time I am an enthusiast.



Again he wandered the trenches last night,
where peace has been quietly hidden since the war,
and he begged the time not to bite,
the mother prayed to see her son alive and swore.

He wandered again last night where he was hiding
the most beautiful stars full of brilliance,
I see a sweet child swaying
on the sunny swings of our county as it was once.

In the quiet sky where the stars are counted,
I saw many bodies was shaking,
I saw brave fighters afraid to accounted,
at a bloody feast in a mad dance chancing.

Oh, how sweet everything is with peace,
who can now count all the victims,
ah the misfortunes that befall us caprice,
I say, the dead are not counted victor's.

Cursed be everyone who calls for wars,
and who plays the game of life and death,
now heroes lay dirty with mud full of sores,
to whom happiness, to whom mega-death.

Stop the wars to be clear,
prevent the sea of tears from ever flowing,
let the president and every government hear,
Due to you the smell of death is blowing.

© 2022 Nikola Dominis