An Artistic Affair

Updated on March 8, 2018

An Artistic Affair

Once upon a time, there was a girl,

She often found herself caught up in a whirl.

Attainment of happiness was her aim,

She was aware that it wouldn't be an easy game.

However, she was composed and persistent,

And made sure that her efforts remained consistent.

She started searching for happiness in people around her,

It was an absurd hunt, she could infer.

She travelled to places that she hadn't been to,

Even a world tour failed to help her through.

She enrolled in a couple of courses to divert her mind,

Momentary solution is never a good idea to unwind.

In an irrational search of merriment,

Her heart became a victim of this experiment.

Then she understood the root cause of her dilemma,

Realizations often happen when you fail in your agenda.

There was only one remedy,

She needed to join back her broken pieces immediately.

She was perplexed about how to start,

So she left the decision upto her heart.

She sat at her desk with a book and a pen,

And poured her heart out again.

It seemed like her fingers were moving on their own,

She felt her heart burst out like a cyclone.

She started crying profusely,

As she found her love suddenly.

It was the most silent love story,

Writing found her in a stranded territory.

She locked herself in this beautiful affair,

That made her heart feel richer than a millionaire.

Her search was now complete,

The distress was worth it, indeed.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 13 days ago from Shelton

      you do these poems just right.. awesome