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An Antipodal Entity

Adnan shafi is a poet, writer, columnist, short story writer, and reviewer.

An antipodal entity


An antipodal entity

In the mournful part
of the world,
An antipodal entity,
with acrimony on his
Always try to approach,
For he's waiting...
just ruin us

He belirts in the daylight,
running scared and roguish,
Not knowing the value of

In his search for a facile
and complacent life;
With his rakish and villainous
he tries to be so wild with us,
Oh, he is waiting...just waiting.
to ruin us.

However, he, not knowing,
many have entered this,
domain and nobody has
yet been surmounted in
ruining us.

He doesn't know
the protesters who are,

Just waiting...just waiting
to ruin him

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