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An Angel in Black Coat (In Love With a Stranger).

Ebizimor loves writing, especially poetry and has being writing poetry since childhood.

An Angel in Black Coat (In Love With a Stranger)

In the storm in a dark night

In the form of a black knight

In front of my back door

Came a knock on my black door

That turned me burning

And my dog barking

The moon was gone from the sky

The stars had no place in the sky

only the applauding thunder

and the lightning that made me ponder

had and gave order in the night

except that nothing was in order in the night

I turned the lights on

And walked down the corridor with the lights on

the storm was heavy

my thoughts made my heart heavy

the lights went off on the way

and the flashlights from heaven lit the way

The lightning turned on a blast of thunder

As I held the knob and did my last ponder

the dog was calm now

except for a singing voice that got me calm now

taking a last deep breathe

before I stand the face of my threat with warm breath

't was a damsel in black suit

that applied for refuge in my suite

the head was covered in a hood

but it was the eyes that melted my mood

she was drenched all over her coat

so that she had to change into a new coat

the thunder was groaning fiercely

that too made my dog started groaning fiercely

when she bounced inside

I bounced the door quickly stopping the rain from splashing inside

but the damsel was solely shivering

I bounced her to a room and she kept quivering

I made ready for her warm water to bath

and she had a warm bath

and she ate my savory meal

her eyes that looked like steel

made me cool and still

like a graveyard then the night went still

in the extreme silence of the night

in the times when the sun was nigh

she got bare and ready for bed

and I went there to dress her bed

and there came a beaming light from her open door

and got me stuck in front her already open door

and she was bare on the bed

when I stared on the bed

only the owl began to cry

and the stars began to smile in the sky

and the frogs choir and the

crickets choir, chirping, made a great band

it was already morning

and she was already ready for wandering

and I gave her my best coat

and she left wearing my best coat

in a frozen morning

and I ended up mourning…

why I let her go…

she was just wayfaring

and I wondered if last night was every night in my life.

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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