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An Utter Fool


The Fool

They have set up a prayer mound
made of coins, silver and gold
they visit it often, all dressed up
in finery, truly a sight to behold!
I am but a fool in that I prefer
poverty and simplicity in life
and have turned my eyes to things
that endure through eternity
a fool, truth be told!

They have invested their life
attaining degrees, outer knowledge
and now they are completely drunk,
useless and bored
I am but a fool, I prefer the inner
knowledge of the soul
like a child, I have abandoned my studies
in favour of love and compassion
instead of mere intelligent sounding words
an utter fool, truth be told!

They run ambitiously from chore to chore
keeping busy, running errands, building homes
counting money, hoarding gold
I am but a fool, aimless and carefree
so how can I find
solace in temptations and desires
ambitions and lust?

It was said,
"Most of the people of Paradise are fools"
and our dear Jesus mentioned in the Gospel:
"Unless you become as little children,
you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven"

All the wise ones teach us to unlearn
so let go of accrued knowledge, this false
perception regarding life and living
but why would anyone listen to me
I'm a fool, as foolish as can be

Look at nature, the stars, the galaxies
everything runs on poverty, faqr,
emptiness or Wu
this Tao is only for fools like me
and you

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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