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An Unusual Love Story; a Take on Distance Love.

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

Two Different Worlds, Two Different People, Will Distance Matter?

Written by: Gianella Labrador

Written: March 15,2022 8pm Manila TIME

Two Different Worlds.

Two Different People.

Day and Night.

What sets them apart?

Will Distance Matter?

Long Distance Relationship

is difficult and tough on its own.

But what if,

The distance means 7700 years apart?

At once in a lifetime chance,

You met someone.

So random, so unexpected.

Timing has it,

You are of the same age.

Nature of work is pretty much the same.

It’s nearly a perfect relationship.

You both have a lot of things in common.

Like taste in food, music, movies, etc.

This person understands you so well.

As if, he/she have known you for so long.

But here’s the catch,

You only have a week left to date this person.

In this world,

Where only the two of you know what’s going on.

This person have only a week left,

After that, he/she have to go back to his/her world.

Will you love this person?

Knowing he/she already holds a special place in your heart.

You have unlimited time consumable in one week.

You can skip your work without getting fired.

You can skip classes if you have.

You can skip meetings, deadlines, workloads, etc.

In this world,

You have this whole week to do anything with this person.

No one will know, no one will notice.

They’ll just go on with their usual duties.

It’s now up to you.

How you’d spend it, how you’d make it memorable.

How you’d make it special.

Will you be selfish, and ask this person to stay?

If this person stays, you won’t also be able to go back to your world.

You both have to live in this complicated world.

At a limited borrowed time.

If this person dies, you’ll also die in just a matter of time.

No one in your world will find out of your sudden death.

It will either be found in history books,

Or it will be in the news but still far from the near future.

Memories of you from your world will be altered.

Like you have existed but when asked they’ll tell a different story.

You can just be someone’s daughter/son in your memory at present.

But the moment you decided to live together,

Time will change drastically.

It will speed up.

The time of Present will depend on another strange phenomenon.

It’s like the heavens will randomly pick a year.

It can be a time frame close to the person you are with.

Or a time frame that both of you aren’t familiar of.

The time of Present is what the time is in your world.

You and your lover will live in the year when you both met.

And the time in the world of your lover,

Simply doesn’t exist anymore.

But if you were to set this person free after a week,

Everything will go back to normal.

Everything will be set to the present.

Their memory of you will be before you dated this person.

But your memories with this person will remain.

Same goes with this person when he/she goes back to his/her world.

You can expect you’d be able to meet this person again in your world.

But with a different name, different story, different character.

When you meet again in your world, this person will know.

After all the memories and feelings remains.

Another catch is, you might not be able to meet this person too.

In some circumstances, you might find out this person is already dead.

By the time, you got back to your world.

What will be your call?

What would you do if you were put in this unexplainable scenario?

After a week, you’d have thoughts that no one in this world would understand.

You’d miss him or her for a couple of reasons.

One, this person has made you feel so special.

This person has made you believe in love after a long time.

Spending time with this person,

Seems like you have already established a married couple relationship.

In just a short period of time,

You already felt that it is with this person,

You want to spend the rest of your life with.

This person makes you smile and laugh like no one ever before.

This person knows exactly how to handle your tantrums and mood swings.

When you are bothered by something, or having a problem,

This person can actually tell already what it’s about.

Might not be that accurate, but this person is here to comfort you.

This person treats you to almost everywhere you want to go,

Just to make you happy, always.

Literally living the best of the best moments like it’s your last day on Earth.

Since, it’s the only two of you who can understand each other in this world,

This person can’t love anyone but you.

You are the only one who can understand this person, and who knows this person.

This person lives for your sake.

If this person had one last mission in his/her life in his/her world,

That is to be with you and love you with all his/her might.

It is up to you what happens to this person afterwards.

This person’s life in their world after this one whole week isn’t guaranteed.

Who knows what year will this person be in afterwards?

Will this person be reincarnated to meet you again ‘in another life’?

Or will this be your last chance to make the most out of it?

Like an “ it’s now or never” situation.

In a world where the ending could change within the control of your hands.

What would you do?

In this love story that seems to be having a lot of twists.

There is a possibility too, that this person was sent for a reason.

This person might actually be someone close to your heart in the future.

One the heavens sent, who knows exactly everything that you needed and what you want.

An angel in disguise, sent to be with you through your most difficult times.

One you can lean on and depend on to, it might have been an answered prayer.

What if you were actually meant for each other?

Even without all these conflicts and challenges to the love story.

How would you write and narrate this plot if you were the person?

I mean the person who is the lover of this plot.

I guess the narrative will also change a lot.

Like where the person is from.

Was meeting you a coincidence, or fate?

It must have been like someone has been admiring you for a long time.

A fan? A reader? A friend?

Who knows, maybe a content scraper?

Plot twists are endless and limitless!

I love plot twists of life.

But sometimes, it can trigger ‘gigil’.

You know what’s ‘gigil’?

One that makes you go ‘arghhhhhhhhhhh’ in frustration.

That makes you just wanna bump your head on the wall.

But do it instead on a pillow, it’s safer.

Do you know what can be more shocking?

This person a.k.a your lover can be someone whom you sent your last message to.

Or the person next door, or who knows, the person reading this.

You can choose to be anyone between the two, or simply stay as a simple reader.

What if the story becomes, about self love?

How do you think the story will go?

It’s like meeting with your inner self.

From the past, or from the future.

Or meeting with one of your alter egos.

One of your personalities.

Maybe it was time to make peace with your self?

Two different worlds.

Two different people.

Day and night.

Will their love shine so bright?

Make the world happy and light.

Will their love end as to how they both wanted?

The distance that brought them together.

Where will it take them next?

Will they still remain together?

Or will they separate ways,

but their love for each other

will never change.

No matter what happens.

No matter what their ending would be.

One thing is certain.

Love is here to stay.

Spread love and kindness.


There’s already war and still on Pandemic.

Let’s not add fuel to the fire.

Love more. Argue less.

Choose the battles that’s worth your time and energy.

If it won’t matter in the next 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months,

Stay out of it and forget it.

Forgive that person and move on.

Regardless, who’s the victim, and who’s to blame.

Know your worth.

But also, beware of their criticisms.

Sometimes, they are the only ones who can see what’s best for you.

It can help improve your personal growth.

Sometimes we get so blinded with our beliefs and stuffs.

We need someone outside the perspective, to remind us.

Get called out, and stand corrected if we are acting up strange.

That might already been affecting the people around us.

It isn’t always to hurt your feelings.

But sometimes, a gentle reminder can be our guide.

Especially in situations, where we feel like we are lost again.

And the path we are taking seem to be blurry.

That no matter which way we go,

It’s always ending up at a dead end.

We needed proper directions, to lead us back right on track.

To the person reading this,

May you find love within your heart and spirit,

That you best deserve.

I may be not that person,

But I love you still.

So just keep going.

Live your life and never give up.

Life will be tough and difficult at times,

That will make you scratch your head,

Because of too much ‘gigil’

But it will be fine.

You’ll manage eventually.

Let’s pray for that.

And Believe it will.

Stay safe.

and God Bless you all.


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© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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