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An Unexpected Visitor Has Arrived

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I Haven't Seen You In A Long Time

You certainly keep us guessing

What we think we know is hidden

What we want is slowly gone

I scratch my head and think

How long will you stay?

It is not like I don't like you

You always come at short notice

You can be a little bit dangerous and cause some trouble

Most of the time you just slow me down

I sometimes enjoy your theatrical flair

You like to show off and strut your stuff

You cover a lot of ground

I can't say your not good at what you do

Because I don't know anyone that can do what you do

You are kind of a jokester

Funny at heart

Outrageous and over the top

Grand in nature and nothing is too big for you

Maybe you will be here for a day or two

The change in weather brings you to town

You came late last night and are still here today

After a few days, I am sure you will leave

Quietly like when you snuck in

Nobody seen you come

Nobody will see you go

We sometimes are confused and bewildered

Some people have a few other names for you

For me, you will always be simply


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