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Valentine's Day During Pandemic: Conceptualizing What is Love and Its Various Forms

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Written: February 14, 2020


Thank You for teaching me how to Love.

But is there a chance to unlove someone?

If we could do that, will you teach me too?

Faces of Love and What does It Mean.

Loving someone comes in various forms.

One, the unrecquitted love or one sided love.

Of course, when we decided to love someone,

We took the risk and the huge possibility

of getting hurt along the way.

The One Sided Love.

One sided,

I chose to love you even when you don't have answer yet.

I love you, despite not being on the same page.

I love you, even when you still love someone else.

Isn't that just ridiculous?

You made me fall for you,

What should I do now?

HOW TO UNLOVE someone? I wonder.

Love that is WILLING TO WAIT.

All sorts of things, you have to wait.

But I came to wonder,

Will it always be worth the wait?

Or am I just wasting time?

In love, you have been hired as a waiter.

Each time, each day, each month,

Making you wait, almost of the time.

Like am I a joke to you?

In everything you do, there will always be:

-Just a moment please. Wait a second. Wait a minute. Hold on. I'll be right back. Wait for me.-

What exactly am I supposed to wait for?

If you have no plans of coming back;

If you don't want talking with me anymore;

Just say it directly instead of making lame excuses.

Love that is Both Dangerous and Beneficial.

What is Love by the way?

If you are to love someone, why not me?

Love can be both dangerous and beneficial.

If you get trapped, will you panic in danger?

Or make the situation in favour to you,

to benefit from it?

Dilemma of Love.

There is also Love that has a dilemma of:

Loving that person because of what it has,

what the person has to offer, that you want to have;

Loving that person because you know that nothing is left, and only have you.

Then there is loving someone that fills in the gaps and shortcomings in your life:

what you yearn for; to make that person complete or to be the person to fulfill

what's missing: what others can't give.

Unconditional Love.

What about unconditional love?

Are there no conditions involved?

Like a mother's love for her child.

No matter how much the child hurt her,

No matter how much the child made mistakes,

She would always forgive, and give tons of chances.

If a person whom you love, did something terrible,

How much and how frequent are we willing to forgive and give chances?

"It's fine. I understand. I'll just let it pass. Yeah sure. Forget it."

Are these lies we tell ourselves?

Even if it comes to a point, it already hurts a lot;

Would mean loving that person unconditionally,

Always accepting, always welcoming, always forgiving?

For the sake, we don't lose the moon while counting the stars?

Love is a broad topic isn't it?

It's an interesting subject to talk about,

But for some people: they hate it.

They don't like the idea of talking about it,

for they cringe and have a feeling of disgust?

We don't usually talk about it,

nor wanna learn from it.

Is that one reason why hate and anger becomes more superior?

We judge, we criticize, we argue, we create gossips, we complain and rant almost every time.

We shout, and blame one another.

When do we acknowledge and learn what is love and how to love?

If we are filled with grudge, resentments, regrets, hatred, and discontentment:

How are we supposed to attain and achieve the peace and justice we always wanted?

Love for some maybe a blessing but also a curse in disguise indeed.

Being in love somehow develops our holistic growth and our character as a whole.

We learn from our mistakes and our experiences that we might not learn at home, in school, or at work.

Love That is Experimental.

So, thank you for teaching me the concept of Love.

Love might also be quite experimental,

We do trial and error, find out which will work, which will fail. But technically, that's just how life really is.

From what you also taught me, I've realized:

Love always comes with pain.

Various kinds of pain; when we overcome it,

That is what will eventually make us stronger, braver, and lead us to the person we become


It isn't always about being happy, about joyous moments, giggling and chuckling together, throwing pillows to one another, etc.

We should learn to balance and weigh things out.

Because I quote,

"When there is any excess in the baggage, you have to pay for it."

When it is always happy, or when it is always sad:

We don't get to see the other things around.

Thus, seeing just one side to where we are situated,

We don't get to learn from it. We become biased.

Therefore gives no thrill and excitement.

Becomes boring and dull.

People Come and GO.

I would always believe in the saying:

People could always leave and passed by.

They come and go in and out of our lives.

Some meant to stay, some where just asked to give you a message, to teach a lesson, or have a mission to you.

We always meet and encounter people for a reason.

Some may even made an impression or a mark to our minds and hearts.

It is just fine if it is time for them to leave, after all

We have different destinations and paths we wish to take.

Thank you for the concept of love you shared and impart on me.

Love should always matter above anything else.

Because if we choose to love more,

There is a chance to decrease the hatred and anger felt by people who hurt one another.

This day people who celebrates the love, of being in love, loving one another, calls it love month: leaves me to question,

Why only this day we choose to express love,

to make someone feel loved and special, to practice loving people who deserves it?

Why not each day?

Just to be mindful and give awareness:

Often than not , people who are in the state of mentally disturbed and is suicidal might be stressed, depressed, and an overwhelming series of anxiety attacks,

For one I know for sure, they yearn and long for attention.

They are in dire need of validation, that they are needed.

That they are wanted.

They are LOVED.

If we would always choose to exercise this kind of love, we always do for our loved ones every 2/14 ;

These people suffering might actually be saved by these tiny actions and efforts we make for them.

That by being loved, wanted, and feel that we are still needed in this world, should at least give us that breather we all needed to continue and move forward.


LOVE not because it is required at a certain occasion.
LOVE not because the society is forcing or pressuring you to do so.
LOVE is something everyone should share.
LOVE people as how God would to his children.
By the LOVE you Give and Share,
Who knows, we might SAVE a LIFE.
Like the Spirit of Christmas,
that we are ought to give, share, and forgiveness
We should practice and live up to it everyday;
So as celebrating the LOVE month.
We should always try and practice loving one another more often.
Why? Because, isn't it just lovely?
Love should always be a reason to be healed and not a reason to be destroyed.

So, to the person reading this.
I Love You and always remember you are loved.
Never give up yet when you still have so much in your bucket list to do.
There is still a place in this world, where you are very much needed.
In fact, they are patiently waiting for you.
So don't give up just yet.
I know life is exhausting and tiring,
Know that we can take few breaks at a time,
And when we are ready again, life just goes on.
Don't give up and rest forever just yet,
Cause it might not yet be over.

I love you, so please stay strong and hold on a bit longer.
'Til we meet each other again, so long!
Have a nice day and journey ahead.
Take care and love yourself too always.
Never ever forget: You Matter.

You are significant and needed in this world.

Be happy. Keep Smiling!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and for me!

Salute to the world!

© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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