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An Open Letter to My Future Lover

Dear future lover,

Someday you will be able to find me.

In the crowd of strangers, mutual acquaintances,

Or maybe alone barefooted in the beach.

Someday we will get along just so well.

We’ll go on adventures. Travel. Do extremes.

Share each other’s differences.

We will even deal with life’s misadventures.

And then suddenly, without me noticing,

There’s no more “I”. It’s “we” all of a sudden.

There’s us.

And so someday, we will fall in love.

We will get the love we both deserve.

You will make me very happy.

There goes your endless stories, your clever jokes.

Late night conversations with you will always be my favorite.

You will touch my hair, pinch my cheeks. You will bring out the kid in me.

You will hold my hand in the crowd.

You will take me to long drives, while playing my favorite music.

You will walk me home too.

You will buy me my favorite drink and put the straw before you will give it to me.

You will give me your coat when I’m feeling cold.

You will carry me even if it means dislocating your bones.

You will grab me and hide me under your armpits whenever I cry like a baby.

You will never fail to make my heart flutter.

Also, you will never fail to surprise me.

Flowers. Chocolates. Gifts.

Your smile, your laughter and your love for me.

All the things I didn’t know I need.

But I know someday, there will be rough times.

We will argue to some little stuffs.

You will not talk me, and so do I.

There goes PRIDE, trying to break us apart.

But one of us will swallow it whole.

And so we will make up and fall in love again.

Someday it’s going to be just you and me.

I will make you very happy too.

I will also touch your hair and pinch your cheeks,

But I will squeeze it so tightly coz I can’t contain your cuteness.

I will smell your perfume every day and make it my favorite scent.

I will be clingy to you like a puppy until you’ll find me annoying.

I will make you laugh with my little sense of humor.

Alright, maybe as much as I could.

I will cook for you and surprise you.

On your birthday, our anniversaries.

As long as you are happy, I am happy too.

But whenever you’re sad, you will hide it from me.

Though I can see the pain in your eyes.

And so I will hug you.

I will hug you every day to make you feel better.

I will stare at you until I lost out of sight.

I will touch your face and promise to love you and you alone.

Oh, I love you. I will love you.

Someday you will be able to read this letter.

You will realize how much I longed for you.

But God is the greatest author of our love story.

Just know that at exactly 1:35AM March 22, 2018, I wrote this letter for you.

Whoever you are in the future, know that I already loved you from the past.

God will find a way. Someday LOVE will find us…