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An Old Friend Said Hi

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It Doesn't Get Better Than This

Someone I went to grade school some forty-six years ago

Dropped by to say a friendly hello

It's that smile

That bond that hasn't changed

We have both clearly gone our separate ways

Different lives and different professions

Something else I can't quite put my finger on

All that doesn't matter

A friendship that has survived many years

Under any test

It has clearly passed

With flying colors

In that moment

We bumped fists

In the age of Corona Virus

We both were pressed for time

I was busy at work

He had to keep the line moving

It was a gentle kindness

A feeling of simplicity

Nothing has changed

At the same time

We we live in a world of everything constantly changing

We both were fortunate to make it this far

Age is only a number

Moving on

Real friends have nothing to prove

Until next time

As we each disappear into the night