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An Ode to Pet Hair


Denise is a freelance writer of many genres, an animal rescuer and advocate, and a spirituality and paranormal enthusiast.


Winter coats are shedding

A sure sign that summer’s here

Mine is hanging in the closet

But, my pet’s is everywhere

No outfit is complete, they say

Without just a little pet hair

True enough, I might concede

If I were not the worse for wear

I brush, I curse, and brush some more

I vacuum, and sweep, and mop

But, the mounds of fur upon the floor

Relentlessly, never seem to stop

Bags and bushels of silky hair

Wow! I could make a pillow

So plump and downy soft

But, I don’t think I will, though

Mountains of hair, fur, and fleece

I duly collect without a pause

My animal’s debris is another’s treasure

When I donate it to a worthy cause

You can donate your piles of hair, fur, and fleece to be used to soak up major oil spills, and help keep storm drains and waterways clean. To learn more about how you can help, please visit Matter of Trust--Clean Wave Program.

© 2018 DC Ziese

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