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An Ode to My Mirror

Mark is an ordained minister, treading the tumultuous waves of a developing writing career, daring to dream a new dream.

bathroom mirror

bathroom mirror

Good day, mirror.

Once again, I honor you with my reflection.

Are you excited about the reflection of my visage?

Please, don’t quiver, for you may break.

I know what you feel, for I feel it, too!

The beauty, the wisdom, the perfection.

Oh mirror, I must look away!

The power is too great.

The magic is too powerful.

One magical mirror is enough.

I cannot bear the burden.

It is too much to ask of me.

Oh, but you cry! The mist fogging your glass.

I must go. I must turn away.

Our time together is so short.

But, I will return.

You will reflect my visage again.

Again, you will quiver at my sight.

Farewell, mirror!

I bid you, Adieu!

My shiny, shiny mirror!

© 2022 Mark Lewis

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