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Selfish Humans

A dedicated Digital Marketer, with a passion for writing articles and poetry.

We drive our limousines and glide away

We put on our Gucci-Jimmy Choo and stride away

We go to Radisson and splurge

But a thought on conversation is as heavy as the Himalayas.

We scheme a budget and select an Audi

But planning for conservation and consumes hours.

We visit Maldives for its oceanic beauty

But never ever consider its phenomenal drop.

We consume 'Hallmarked' crops

But never even attempt to fertilize the soil

Majority of the population prefers songs to poems

Pop, techno, guitar amuse them

For they enjoy ultrasonic volumes.

Out of twenty-four, a second long tribute

Banishes Armani and BMW off our memory.

For our joy, we are as uniform as a pendulum.

But for the conversation, why can't even a cell contribute?

An old but unfollowed saying,

"one drop gradually forms an ocean"

Similarly each act would retain Earth's greenery.

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