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An Inside Look Into Change

We Are Faced With Two Choices

To change or to stay the same

Why would we want to fix the way we have been acting?

If what use to work doesn't work any more

If it never did help us in any way

By changing our ways we may accomplish more

The change that we make makes us feel great

The change will have a great long term effect if not soon

Sometimes we get in a rut

Doing the same old routine

It seems to much work or effort to change

If we make small changes it might be easier

Than a big change

After a period of time the small changes will lead to a big change

Change can be scary

Since we are familiar with our habits good or bad

We accept them as part of who we are

It doesn't mean we can't change at anytime

Change can cause a simultaneous effect`

Where other areas and our life we also change

This could be a wonderful experience

So change if you want to

Change if you have to

You might be glad you did

© 2021 DREAM ON

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