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An Incomplete Puzzle

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

Life is a Puzzle And You Are The Piece of That Puzzle!

Life is a Puzzle And You Are The Piece of That Puzzle!

The Back Stage Story

The article includes four poems inspired by Brenda Arledge's week- 50-word prompt, 'Puzzle'. Thank you so much, Bredz, for this fantastic word prompt. I was stumped as to what to write on this one, but then a flood of ideas came to my mind, and the ink flowed and the pen didn't stop. I hope you like it and that it makes you feel better and lighter.

The first poem is about love. The second one is a surreal poem about an unknown artist and his work. The third poem is about a love relationship in which the girl tries to keep fitting the wrong person into the puzzle of her life after some time she gets tired of it and breaks up with him when she realized that she is doing something wrong. The fourth poem is a special dedication to you and your love for Ron. I hope you and everyone who read it enjoy it.

We Complete Each Other

We Complete Each Other

A Lovely Existence by Your Side

Stars confuse me.

Perplexing is this paradise

Puzzle me, a lovely existence by your side

You have the power.

I wanted to let you know,

You puzzled me with a fairy life paint

I am in front of the canvas

There is no lack of joy.

Nor a life in which we are dissatisfied

We are a puzzle,

We have all of the pieces.

Don't let one slip away.

Let's play it carefully.

Let's proceed with some cautions.

Glue the pieces with Love, while giving no pain

“Dare to ask questions and seek answers to the puzzles of life.”

— ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Painting A Puzzle

Painting A Puzzle

An Artist Unknown

One day, a painter imagined a woman.

One cold night, he sketched her,

Using just the light of a candle.

In the morning, he collapsed.

The canvas of surprise got broken

Thousands of shards on the ground.

Colors merged, the palette falls down

An abstract painting, a reflection of you

Because everything else had flown gone

Leaving the painter an 'unknown'

Sad destiny on the naked ground

No one to see, only the cat mourned.

She, in the painting, is puzzled in every way.

Never finished, but standing still on a highway.

In the cosmos, there are millions of sparks,

Just for her, to build her back in billion ways.

Her life's puzzle got solved by someone,

But the original artist remained 'unknown'.

Be Careful While Fitting The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle!

Be Careful While Fitting The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle!

The Misfitting ~ She Was Fixing It Wrong!

She fell in love,

With a person unknown,

A stranger, maybe,

But she felt a connection,

A very special one with him

She approached him and

Expressed her heart,

The boy was mature and

Told her they should part

She asked for the reason

He said there are many

She said I care about nothing

He said 'you are silly'

She said, but I love you,

He said it can't happen,

We can just only stay friends

This gave her a little ray of hope

Months passed, they kept on meeting

The girl thought his emotions are awaking,

They came close to such an extent,

It was hard to believe they can part

Destiny then played its part,

He started to stay busy for long hours,

She kept on calling him

But there came no help.

Days and nights passed away,

she tried to fix the puzzle hard,

Every time she tried to fit it hard,

The piece always drifted apart.

She lost hope, and wrote to him,

A letter full of sorrow and pain,

With eyes well up with tears,

She sends it his way.

Maybe God wanted to,

Make her learn a lesson

So brought him to her life,

He read the letter but didn't reply

And some more days go by.

This made her realize

She was fitting the wrong piece,

In the puzzle of her life.

She smiled and let him go.

Promised herself to be strong,

And will never look behind.

Her inner spoke to her,

Just let him go, he took you so light!

“Woman will always continue to be a cute riddle or a beautiful puzzle, in the meantime man believes that he solves it.”

— ― Eyden I., Woman's Book: Only For Men

In a Different World Now ~ a Poem Dedicated to Bredz

"In a different world now", is a poem that I dedicate to you, Bredz. I recall sending you an email on the 7th and 8th of February in which I told you about Rose Day and Propose Day. You told me you never heard of these days and know only about Valentine's Day. After listening to that I remember telling you to make Ron's favorite dinner for him and surprise him on propose day. I never imagined I'd have to write you a condolence note on February 10th. Life can be very strange at times. I was shocked to learn of his death and can't express how I felt. There are no words that can comfort you, dear friend, but trust me that he is in a better place. He wants to see you happy...

He would never be happy to see you crying. Finding happiness is never an easy task, but try to find it in the people he cared about and the work he enjoyed. Maybe he left some unfinished works that were supposed to be completed. Complete his unfinished puzzle and make him smile in paradise.

Complete The Puzzle

Complete The Puzzle

In a Different World Now

You're in a different world now

We won't see each other for some time

We've been waiting for your last song

Before you go to the wind.

And now that you've left the ship,

I'll remember you and keep smiling.

I'm breaking down in bits,

But I'll keep our promises.

The Universe gave us a puzzle to solve,

We saw the sunset together.

We suffered some blows.

But we lived with each other smiling.

And for you, who lives in another world,

I will send this puzzle completed

“In one equation you can solve all the puzzles of life. It is the equation of giving.”

— Amit Ray

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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