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Exuberant Callousness

Are we to live only in despair
To suppress our smiles
To tell of our joy
If one is suffering
Then must we be hushed
Lower our flags
Where is the unity of spirit
Is happy to be suspended
Like a one hundred year war
Or elements buried by a plague
Glowing silently like buried treasure
We can live without it I guess
Yet we are not of strong minds
Still-born after all these years
A miscarriage of never-mind
Except of course my own heart
It has not perished in the din
Is smiling an exuberant callousness
What God would do this to us
What man sold us despair
Compassion is our watchtower
Not cold blue ice water
Where fish beg for a lure
Any sign of life from above
Cut the circle
Measure the thickness
Is it an existent mercy killing
Fear wields a cough droplet
Penetrating every silk import
Marco Polo only thought to adorn women
We instead adorn mercy on our souls
Which gleam like a prisoner
Released from solitary confinement

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