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An Evening Prayer


Our Father forgive us, for our iniquities, our sinful behavior,

Help us to remember that it is you who is our God, forever.

We shall worship no other entities, follow only our own Lord,

Respect our sisters and brothers, living in peace, all to afford.

We each know we need to remember, your blessed scriptures,

Those that lead us as your precious children, all being victors.

For we know in our heart of hearts, our souls are made in you,

As we live upon this green earth, in everything that we may do.


Although ones around us may always so try to lead us astray,

We are made astute, most absolute, in reverence, as we pray.

The tricks and foolish attempts to change us, all are for naught,

For your wonderful ways of life, will remain in our every thought.

Dearest Father, our maker, protector of every creature on earth,

We all pray in the nights and days, to remember us for our worth.

Keep us safe as we traverse life's course, on its challenging road,

Lift the heavy burdens from our backs, of every most weary load.

Show us each the right way, keep us all on the straight and narrow,

Never allow those who would destroy your world, absolute power.

Put them each in their own places, those evil ones, with ugly faces,

Take away terror to frighten us most, give us all that love embraces..

Thank you for your care and gifts, the wonderful world, all life it lifts,

Help us to be safe and strong, remaining in peace where we belong.

Your blessings we each seek, your guidance we all do so appreciate,

We shall always praise you, our Lord, in our own actions, and in song.


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