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An Empty Purse

It’s not just your footsteps
on the stairs I hear
It’s not just your heartbeat
that draws me near
It’s the life I want to live
and I know the next bell that rings
Will be the one that asks if I care
For love
For life
Which one will it be
Why can’t it be both?

I’m not so sure of myself anymore
the confidence of youth lost its touch
I once was full of my earthly desires
but they have gathered far too much
There are no coins left for my sins
For what I bought died by my clutch

It’s not just your sacrifice
upon the altar of disbelief
It’s not just your mystery
that brings me no relief
How is it that to forgive
Is lashed by chords unseen
Will I be risen only if I dare
For love
For life
Burst the threads to be free
But to whom do I give my oath?