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An Early Start To Imagination Land

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All You Need Is One Person To Say....

This is good packing snow

That is all I needed to know

Off I went to make a snowman

Here I am a fifty-six-year-old man playing in the snow

Just like a kid

On my knees

Trying to get a small snow ball into something bigger

After a few attempts

My earlier advice was correct

It is the perfect snow

How long will it last?

Nobody knows

So I have to go out there and work fast

Two hours and then it became dark

The next day another two hours and I showed some more progress

Am I carrying this a little to far

I made one snowman

Not complete just the shell of a man

Then I tried to rework the body

That wasn't happening

So each time trying to make small improvements

Coming a little closer to the real thing

Rain on its way

That is a life sentence for a snowman

I have to work fast

Can I save him

Will it be too late

I am going back out there

Have I lost my mind

Am I reliving my childhood?

I must of made a snowman

I can't remember?

Was it really so long ago?

That I don't remember at least making one snowman

Well I have work to do

Before I go to work

Please, if anyone sees an old man crawling around in the snow

If he is still moving

He is o.k.

Just having a little fun Mr. Police Officer

I just want to see if I could make one