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An Early Morning Chill

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Blowing in the wind

Blowing in the wind

Startles My Body

While my mind is still asleep

The cool and crisp morning air slowly being pumped into my lungs

The sun is hiding behind the clouds

I slowly clench my covers with both fists

Trying to hold onto sleep for the last time

Shortly after I repeat the words silently then out loud

I have to get up

Pushing myself out of bed

As if I was a stranger lying there

Comfortable but not wanted

I have things to do

Nothing will get done at this rate

I feel a slight sniffle

My body still rejecting it's own actions

I vigorishly scratch my head an attempt to revive my last thought

Like C.P. R. for my brain

Stretching through wrote memory

Where I still don't do any actual thinking

My legs moving by momentum

A series of useless yawns

A smoke signal to the world

All I really want to do is sleep

Getting a bowl of cereal

Pouring the milk

Causing a miscalculation and a slight spill

My coordination and judgement were off

Now shoveling spoonful after spoonful

Like a tired man shovels coal into his old pot belly stove

My eye lids peeling slowly from my eyes

Now the tiny blue dots begin to focus

Today is one of many I have started

In an attempt to push my mind and body past it's own limitations

In search of passion and new pleasures

I swallow a real sweet teaspoon of honey

To shock my sense of taste

Hoping my other senses will one by one fall in place

Like a military soldier toeing the line

Fully trained and ready for what needs to be done

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