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An Eagle In The Sky

Flying in the sky at height,

Capturing all in my sight,

With mountains standing on my left and right,

Wandering alone in the fading light.

When the Sun was saying bye,

And I was reaching the highest sky.

When the moon was about to arrive,

With stars following its synchronized dive.

When everyone on Earth was about to sleep,

But a watchman taking long breadths.

When children were safe in their beds,

But a soldier risking his life for the rest.

When a poor man who has saved his wealth,

But a thief will be responsible for his broken health.

When the food goes waste in the party light,

But a poor old man having not a single bite.

When the prisoners waiting for the next sunrise,

Wishing it to be their independence light.

And, hugging my pillow very tight,

I was dreaming in the light.

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