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An Angelic Heart


She stood holding her Grand-Papa’s hand as

the essence of innocent sweetness pivoted

around her like falling morning dew,

Her Angelic face was enhanced with her

eyes of baby blue.

It was early, but the line was long,

as the first risers tried to stand tall and strong.

“Grand-Papa when will it be our turn?” she asked,

“Are you hungry child? It will not be long.”

Then in her five year old voice she quietly

started singing her favorite song,

“Amazing Grace” with a vocal sound so

youthfully strong.

“Grand-Papa is there other little

children hungry in our America,

Besides my friend in kindergarten

named Erica?”

“Yes, my Sweet Pea, I am sure there are

many more little children who will be hungry

today.” He replied in a soft voice.

“And being in line today was our


“We are next Grand-Papa, I cannot wait.”

When it was their turn she smiled her brightest

smile--- with her hands reaching out she did not


“Please Mister, take my Piggy Bank, and this bag

of toys,

To help feed all America’s little girls and boys.”

Piggy Bank


The man and woman at the table looked at the

little Angel before them holding her bank in her

tiny hand,

With both their eyes brimming they accept her gifts

for all the America’s hungry children in our land.

“Now Grand-Papa, can we sell some more of my

toys---to help my friend Erica?”

“And Daddy said he would donate some of his

tools for all the hungry children in America.”

Her Grand-Papa looked up at the sky and said

a silent prayer to thank his God for his grandchild,

Then he kissed her little hand and gave her a big smile.

I wrote this poem in 2012

Amazing Grace

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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