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A Letter for My Daughter


An Angel Sent From Above

Your soul is pure, your skin like velvet

I hold your tiny hand in mine and I feel overwhelmed with love

Love pouring out of me below and from above.

The feeling of this, I never knew existed.

The pure joy and surreal moments when realization is here.

I am your mother, you chose me no fear.

I will guide you, and love you and give you everything you need.

Watch you grow to become who are you, you take the lead.

I will be here behind you, to support you in this life.

You have taught me to be patient, and let go of pain and strife.

The moments I spend with you will fly by if I don’t soak them in.

Every day I watch you grow, learn and begin.

Begin to experience this world, with your own set of eyes.

To observe and take in all the wonders of the skies.

I will be here when you falter, I will be here when you soar.

I will be what you need to me to be, no less no more.

You are my daughter, my beautiful pearl.

My heart, my soul my everything, I love you my girl.


Becoming A Parent

Becoming a parent has officially changed your life in the most drastic wonderful way. You have a little being that you are solely responsible for. You are their whole world, they rely on you.

Our children will grow up to be future leaders, scientists, musicians, teachers you name it. Our job is to guide them, be there for them, let them find their way. As a mother, I will love and nurture her. I will keep her safe and secure, and give her space to freely express herself.

Becoming a parent maybe scary, but just like anything else, we learn as we grow. We may not be perfect, and don't expect to be. Just remind yourself always, that you are doing the best you can with what you know.

If you become stressed or unhappy, your child will feel that. Do your best to let go and be present. Especially in this day and age, we are all busy. Technology grows and takes us away from being completely present. Let's change that.

The next time you are with your child, be aware. Observe their actions, their faces, their noises. Take joy in this moment because your baby is growing right before your eyes. Teach them to present and cherish the moments not things.

As parents it is our responsibility to give our children the guidance and moral compass to help them grow to their full potential.

Our children are the seeds that will help this world grow and change for the better.


© 2018 Kimberly Johnson

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