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An Amazing Night Turned Broken

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Some Days You Just Never Know

A good morning started our day

My wife found a woman selling one hundred paving bricks

For a great price

We talked about a yard project

Not sure exactly what

Either bricks around our firepit or use it for a walking path

Whatever we decide

I am sure it will look nice

We went food shopping and the store was slow

In and out and on the way home

Out in the yard and we decided to make a walkway

After three hours we were finished

Just in time

It got really dark

In the house, we enjoyed a light supper

Showered and relaxing for the night

We were both in the other room

We heard a loud bang

I walked out into the kitchen

Our cat Charlotte was poking her head in the freezer

She jumped up the counter and then on top of the refrigerator

Knocking off a ceramic dish

It smashed on the stove

On to the floor

We had two trays of basil drying out

My wife noticed broken pieces inside

We couldn't take a chance

Out to the trash

What did you do girl?

We just said ten minutes earlier

How you were such a good cat


I swept the floor

There were little pieces of ceramic dish


I swept the floor twice

Then wiped it once more

I still found little pieces of ceramic dish

It was a gift

We would put fruit in it

Now it is gone

Some things aren't meant to last forever

We didn't yell at her

We don't know what to think

She gets in her cantankeous moods

Where she is clearly up to know good

I keep trying to think she is trying to tell us something

She is so loving and by our side

Then she goes off in a back room to by herself

Animals have moods like people

She had a bad day

I try to spend a little more time with her

She never was a cat we could pick up and hold in our arms

Since my wife has been working from home

Charlotte has more company than ever during the day

She waits at the doorway

Just before my wife gets off at work at ten o'clock

She checks on her a couple times during the night

Now my wife can hold her up to one minute

That is amazing

Then she thrusts her body

I want to come down

At night she will claw at our bed

Then I call her up

She will come and lay under my arm

She wakes me up at 5:30 in the morning

When I get up I check her food water

Then I make sure her litterbox is clean

Everything is good

I sit down on the computer to write

She comes up next to me

Off to sleep she goes

I don't think I will ever figure her out

Then again she is probably thinking the same about me

A day where there should of been just good times and pick me ups

It had one flaw

Real life entered into the picture

Add a cats personal touch

There you have it

Charlotte keeps us from getting bored

Another surprise we didn't expect

Once we came home and our parlor lamp was knocked over

That too went to the junk yard in the sky

I pause and think

Another day to remember

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