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An Affair with the Beast

Dang is an avionics maintenance specialist by profession, a woman of strength and passion.


An Affair with the Beast


Finding a man to love is a gift,

Who inspires you and gives a feeling of lift.

A person you asked and prayed from above,

That shows a special kind of love.

Wrapped in impressive will,

All good is what you feel.

To your life he adds a spice,

He got you with being just nice.

Flawless if you look at first,

Satisfying you for your thirst.

A love that makes the heart burst,

Wonderful if it is a curst.

A sudden change came along,

His love goes deep as it took long.

Possessive thoughts are so strong,

That leads everything to go wrong.

The heart once sheltered with kindness,

Turns evil and entered by darkness.

His temper in complete vagueness,

Results to uncontrolled viciousness.

Pains of wounds and bruises makes you suffer,

Caused by loving an incredible monster.

Apologies were coming soon after,

But damage cannot disappear that faster.

Reason you keep on understanding,

That love is the root of everything.

But why does it keep on repeating,

Is love an endless agonizing?

The affair before gives you thrill,

Now has doubts if you love him still.

Too much love can really kill,

Similar to a toxic and a poisonous pill.

This is no longer healthy,

For it deprives you from being worthy.

Have the courage to quit as early,

Before losing yourself completely.


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