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An Acrostic Poem

Jared is an experienced hotelier and an aspiring writer of poems and poetry.

Rise Up

Resilience built a meaningful security in my life

Unconditional love for myself is giving me the thrive

Far from the usual, I will get up, I will go ahead

For all the bad thoughts and dark memories, I will leave them dead

All of the things that puts me down, I’m sorry my conscience fled

Motivated by all of the experiences that I had

Achievable dreams are within my reach and I am so glad

Extremely well made by God, I got no reason to be sad

Risen above the clouds, served as weapon in front of danger

Obviously scarred fighting the epic battle for them stranger

Justified by the fact, there is nothing that I can’t withstand

Obtaining inner peace will make things easy to understand

Graceful under pressure cause my potential is limitless

Obedient to the rule of life cause my patience is endless

Loving the mother nature helps me keep these feet on the ground

I will not stop soaring like an eagle ‘til it’s safe and sound

Naturally gifted with talent in order to survive

Genuine love for all I know, it’s still very much alive

Happiness is just right here and I know how to look for it

Oh God my Lord, please strengthen me, I know you won’t let me quit.


© 2021 Jared Belshazzar

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