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An Abuser's Mask

An Abuser's Mask

Where is the justice when evil walks free?

Where is the justice, when evil is allowed to keep hurting?

How can we stop the evil when so many will not see?

Please, open your eyes, and see...

See the evil that he hides.

See the evil that abides.

See the mask of good for what it is!

See the malice that is hid!

A mask of kindness is what he wears.

A mask of innocence, for the unaware.

He traps his victims, already wounded.

They are easier to ensnare.

Pain and sorrow beyond compare, is all you will know once in his snare.

Run for freedom!

Run for life!

Run for joy!

Run from the evil that lurks insude...

Inside his head...

Inside his heart.

The deception is clever, and well-consealed...

Only through freedom is it truly revealed.

You cannot see it while in his trap.

You cannot see it through the mask!

You must break free,

In order to see.

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