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Amnesia: A Poem


Ann Pejana has a degree in Computer Science and has a passion for writing. She has loads of books as her great collection in life.


I wake up with you beside me.
I don't remember you sleeping next to me.
I know that today is Monday.
But I don't feel like yesterday was Sunday.

You say my name is Anna.
And you are the man I love.
That we were getting married.
That the memories of us were just buried
At the back of my head because of amnesia.

You show me our photographs, our love story.
I say I'm sorry
I don't remember you, everything is blurry.
My name on your lips doesn't ring a bell.
Your touch is a stranger
Yet I don't feel like I am in danger.

You give me
Soft eyes, gentle care, sweet smile, and ample time
To remember you
To remember us.
But when can I get my memories back?

You say my name is Anna.
Even if my amnesia lasts longer
You'll never leave my side.
Even if my amnesia lasts forever
You'll make me fall in love with you again.
That even if you need to start all over again, you will.

The moment you say I do.
I kiss your lips and press my hands in your chest.
Your heart is beating fast
But your love is pouring out.
The white tux turns into crimson red.
So much for being creative.

I slide my hands at the back of your chest
To cover the hole but you are falling to your knees.
You said my name in a voice so soft and weak.
'Anna, you've remembered us.
But I hate to leave you crying.
'So, Anna, let this be your amnesia'.

© 2020 Ann Pejana

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