American RHYMES (Season 2)

Updated on February 8, 2018
Kevin Lacroix
The Captain
Joey Pollari
The Co-Captain
Connor Jessup
The Victim
Angelic Rivera
The Girfriend

The Victim

Things have changed in lives.
Some lived on, some died.
The seasons have changed.
This time its lives that are teenaged.
A teenager in high school.
Is questioned about going to.
Questioned about college.
He thinks he's not fit for college.
Saying that his grades aren’t good.
When really, he's not doing what he should.
He talks about it with his mom.
He's encouraged by his mom.
But denies to do it.
He later gets suspended.
Because he was drinking.
While he was out partying.
The schools conduct he violated.
His mother whats to know what happened.
So she talks to his friend.
She reveals what he's hiding.
The pictures she sees.
She finds out that he.
He is just a troubled teen.
Later, she sees he went to the party.

The Co-Captain

After the coach addressed the team.
About the events at the Party.
His mom tries to resolve it.
But her son doesn’t want to talk about it.
He does eventually.
Talking to the authorities.
Earlier, one of the players.
Has spoken of raping a cheerleader.
He hid it from his father.
But admitted his guilt later.
He's suspended a game.
He addresses remorse for the change.
Knowing he's not the only one.
The fact that it’s him is not fun.
Feeling he’s suspended.
Because he's a co-captain.
He's not the only one involved.
Just the co-captain of it all.

The Captain

The Captain of the team.
Has problems with the girl he’s dating.
After buying her a bracelet.
His mom finds out about it.
She does not like the girl.
She thinks hed destroy his world.
She insists he dated another.
Telling him shes only after.
Only after him as an athlete.
Knowing that money is coming.
He talks to his dad.
About the problems that he has.
His dad gives him some advice.
Telling to do what is right.
Do what is right for women.
That they are not objects.
They find he's involved.
The captain was caught after all.

The Girlfriend

The victim's girlfriend.
Showed the pictures the incident.
The incident at the party.
Shes called from school for questioning.
She provides evidence of the raping.
At her home.
She helps her father with her mom.
She's having trouble in school.
But its others violating the rules.
Touching her. Annoying her.
One in specific questions her.
Another beats the guy up.
She tells her boyfriend it's enough.
Enough because he's back in school.
To help her avoid the fools.
A boy maybe fighting for her.
But there is only one that loves her.

The Team

There are many scars they suffer.
The kid's families bond together.
The charges seem to drop.
But the captain's charges stay atop.
Atop of his head.
The captain has been misled.
Thinking the case is over.
Despite crying, he remembers.
He remembers his brothers.
He stays strong for his brothers.
So that he can move on.
They encouraged him to stay strong.
He seemed to fall apart.
He was reminded of his heart.
They have the heart of their coach.
Despite what they know.
What they know about their leaders.
They choose to stick together.
Getting stronger by the day.
With their strength, they will find a way.

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