American Rhymes (Season 1)

Updated on February 8, 2018

The Suspect

Another great day in America.
But also another Crime in America.
But it’s not just any crime.
Agent SKOKI sees the body and cries.
The crime involved his son.
They murdered his son.
His wife Gwen was assaulted.
Shes now in critical condition.
The criminal steals his son's ID.
He goes to the store purchasing.
Purchasing items to his liking.
Skokie finds out more about the killing.
The killing was really a robbery.
He calls his ex-wife.
Telling her about their son's life.
She feels that they’re moving too slow.
The law is lacking to show.
Show they’re eager to find the killer.
She feels their not caring about the murder.
Gwen is clinging to life.
The parents meet, discussing what’s right.
Skokie's Ex looks and suggest.
That Gwen’s parents make the crime public.
Meanwhile, on a side of town.
The killer is around.
Taking what he purchased to his boss.
His boss calls him a clown.
The killer sees that something’s not right.
Another young, Hispanic life.
Is questioned for taking the life.
He denies even doing it.
But driving the car of who did it.
Agent Skokie and his Ex.
Have a huge argument.
About Skokie past mistakes.
The ex just walks away.
That young, Hispanic.
Knows who did it.
He informs the police.
They put the killer in custody.

The Twist

Agent Skokie finds out.
What his son was really about.
His son may have been a dealer.
That resulted in his murder.
Agent Skoki investigates.
Regretting his mistakes.
Wishing he was there.
Wishing he showed more care.
His son turned to danger.
Drugs were at the scene of the murder.
The Ex-Wife doesn’t know it.
The Ex-Wife seems to be focused.
Focused on her sons killer.
Seeing him charged with the murder.
The parents discuss arrangements.
When Gwen is better she may be leaving.
Leaving the place.
Where she experienced disgrace.
Agent Skokie reveals.
That the loving Matt may have dealt.
He may have dealt drugs.
But he made sure she knew he was on drugs.
She denies him ever doing it.
She goes to the station.
She goes there disrespecting.
Not hearing what she likes.
She feels that they want to try.
Want to try to say he's the killer.
She knew he wasn’t the killer.
But hated to know that her son.
May have been an addicted one.
Later, Skokie tries breaking in.
That results in him being arrested.
Turns out, Gwen wasn’t raped.
Saying it was a mistake.
Both the mothers are in denial.
That the marriage going through trials.
That killer they may think it is.
May just be one of their kids.

The Hispanic

Meanwhile, another family.
Of the suspects in custody.
Is being stalked by the media.
While their son gets accustomed.
Accustomed to Juvenile Life.
His father tries saving his life.
With the cameras in his face.
He displays how it a disgrace.
That just because of his son’s Hispanic.
He's a suspect that did it.
When really it’s another Hispanic.
That’s the prime suspect in the killing.
An illegal Hispanic.
Making the hard working Hispanics.
Look like criminals.
He desires the world to know.
That his son was really framed.
He doesn’t want his son's name.
Tied to a crime that he did not commit.
He wants them to get the one that did it.

The Addict

The girl addict is now free.
Her family wants her free.
They enrolled her in a group.
Despite her trying to do.
Trying to get her addict boyfriend.
Out of jail to be happy again.
Her father tells her to leave it.
She's reluctant but agrees to it.
Meanwhile, In the Jail.
The addict is known of the trail.
That was used to try to convict him.
Was evidence that didn’t lead to him.
Hed possibly is free of that murder.
His sister fighting for his freedom.
The girl wishes for his freedom.
Her family wants her to forget it.
They want her to stop being an addict.
She seems to love the life.
But does whats needed to save her life.

The Illegal Immigrant

After being sliced in the face.
He finds he's going to the place.
The place where he grew up.
The other Hispanic turned him up.
He’s told he will be free of charges.
But knows its all about it.
He lets them know that he knows.
He's not just going to a trip home.
He may have been sleeping with Gwen.
In the midst of him bringing in.
Some drugs for Matt.
There awaits for much more facts
Meanwhile, the female addict.
Does something a lot more tragic.
Cutting off the tracker.
The male sees the truth later.
That the girl is not well.
She's going to get him back in jail.
That's exactly what happened.
While they talk of deporting the immigrant.

Do you think the Illegal Immigrant did it?

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