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Ambassador of the Isle of Lost Misfit Toys

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Infamously known as a survivor who defied the odds

Glared at death and danger in the face before

Flipping it the proverbial Generation X bird to conventional society

Where everything and everyone belonged in a certain role

Time to be angry and apathetic over it all like a grumpy Kerouac

With a new beat of poetry floating around the cerebral cortex

Might not make much sense to the drones fulfilling the status quo

There was a following that understood beneath the subtext

And pop culture references was a person looking to fit somewhere

Considered a background player at family gatherings and holidays

Too many strong personalities to contend with over the years

Gave up trying to stand out and found it better to get lost

In the shuffle of whatever the special occasion was at the moment

Pushed to the brink of total lack of reason by medicine and apathy

Given a new course of treatment to go on

But not entirely sure this was the right path to follow yet.

Shrouded in a calm and comforting cloud everywhere I went

Unfortunately, took away the ability to sometimes feel pleasure

Told that this empty feeling was completely normal

It will go away in time, but scared that it won't

Pretending to feel good when nothing was actually there

A robot with a fake heart that beat like a real one

Doesn't make it any less of an illusion

Going with the program for now

After such a trying ordeal of the mind and the body

Being pushed to your outer limits without going over the edge

Becoming an extra in a One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest remake

Perish the thought of losing your individuality for good

Belonging to a group of troubled rebels nullified of all substance

Pray that it won't come to that

Have seen worst case scenarios only on American Horror Story

Not looking to end up on there in any capacity

Unless a killer celebrity will be playing the lead role

With a cool motorcycle to boot.

A ride fit for a misfit.

A ride fit for a misfit.