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Amazing How A Word Can Change Everything

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How Hard Is It Really?

What word makes my day?

I don't hear these words used anymore

It is easy

It takes very little energy

All we have to do is think?

No matter who you are

No matter what you do

No matter where you are

It always applies

A little kindness goes a long way

Helping others

While still being you

When someone is helpful and kind

A sweetness that shines

It only takes a second

Here is your cue

It is o.k. to be a little nervous

Let's practice

Thank You

Try it again

Thank you

You have it

After a few days

You might just become an expert

Now you can go

You can help someone else

When your in line at the grocery store

Try the second word out for size


It rolls off your lips

Please, you go first

I insist

I am in no hurry

You only have a few things

Let me get that for you

Two sets of hands make it easier

I am not asking you to bend over backwards

Maybe, take a little step out of your way

Helping a complete stranger

You might of made their day

Use these words as often as you can

It starts with a smile

Being polite and helpful

Both at the same time

Is a trick I know you can master

Practice makes perfect

It won't be long

Before you will become someone so special

Many people will sure appreciate

It never goes out of style

Thank you and Please

Makes your day flow with ease

© 2022 DREAM ON

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