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As alone as the moon between millions of stars

As alone as the moon between millions of stars

Am wide awake

scrolling through feeds

wondering why they took these decisions

Following people whom I know nothing about

Listening to people cry about life

Gossiping with people whom I thought were real

helping people thinking they needed help

Loving some one unconditionally

Broke my rules for most of them

Lost friends made new ones again

I am still awake..

Waiting for a better tomorrow..

If you paused to read this

It is because you've had these thoughts

the late nights you were breaking down

The days you thought they will be there for you

wasn't so..

Am still awake

breaking down

But am waking up tomorrow

starting to impress myself

To make myself a better person

To make me my own hero

am rising up from my own thoughts

Am learning from my own mistakes

A person without expectations

A different human being

because we are all beautiful in our own little ways!!

© 2020 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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