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Am I Rejected?

I am Paul Francis, I am a student of university of Nigeria, Nsukka. My hobbies is writing and sport. I educate people through my writing.




If I open the door to myself and wait

Surely must come a friend to be

Lovely enough to accommodate my being

Patient enough to learn my style

Allow me to stay and be a friend

The feeling of rejection has eaten me up

No one really to call a friend

Is this my fault or fault of the world?

I sleep a little to stay up and think

Whose fault is it that am all alone

God, open my eyes to the answers I seek

Is it your plan that am a man alone

People around me, but no one within

Am I rejected or is it a mental mistake

Finally today the answer in mine

I found out the reason why am all alone

I locked up my doors and tied my hands

Waiting for friends to jump the roof

Shouting to myself am all alone.

this is original work written by me. I will love to see how people see this work, and tell me my mistakes.

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