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Am I a Corvus

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


It's black oily wings soar surreptitiously in a twilight sky
It's guttural readle-eak pitched and piercing
Black summoning eyes reactivate to its peripheral vision
The wind lifting its tar coloured wings in an expanding arc
Caw Caw, rasping through the ethereal light
Capitulating mist bringing in to view the form of a circling large corvus
A harsh echoing caw cascades down piercing the silence as I sat on the edge of a cliff
My head tilted back looking up as droplets of rain patted my face
Stony coldness swept up from the mistiness that fell away below
The huge bird flapped its black wings as it settled upon a nearby rock
I looked across vacantly as it shook its head and ruffled its feathers
I could feel its gaze
The wind shifted, my stoic expression caught the crows attention it turned its head and ruffled its gaze toward me
Its inky black eye appraised me
I looked deeply into its fathomless pupil and my consciousness was swallowed into the darkness
Swirling, tipping, tumbling, I fell
There was no wind no sound no light just a gravitational pull towards seemingly endless blackness
I had fallen in to the inquisitive gaze of the blinking eye of the stationary corvus
Flames licked all around and I knew I must have fallen from the cliff top
Around me hot coals emitted flames, a searing heat that whooshed upward pulling the air from my lungs
A screeching caw caw emanated from somewhere behind me
I turned to look, and saw my reflection in a shimmering haze
I hadn't fallen from the cliff top, I was inside the minds eye of the crow
It suddenly lifted wings outstretched as it swooped into the updraft caw cawing turning away from the cliff
Below I could see my body laying outstretched legs dangling over the edge
Powerful wings pulled and the image receded carried aloft in sweeping lunges through valley's atop trees and sweeping forests
The wind whispering past as the sleek feathers unrufflable buffering as the crow flew into the capacious sky
No longer am I chained to the corporeal, my spirit unharmed within the parameters of flight
Caw Caw Caw, shrieked the crow, its wings tipping toward branches of a nearby tree, it's claws outstretched it landed gripping tightly shaking its head and ruffled its wings rapidly
I'd never really been free, I was often a prisoner of my illness, chained to my thoughts, chained to my feelings, encapsulated in fragmented memories
The soul is a river, cascading, formulating, degrading I watch it as it foams over the rocks, disappearing into eddies of miniscule bubbles
The breeze playing a tune through humming branches pulsing debris over unyielding ground my soul entwined with the crow listening to it's thoughts, hearing the caw caw caw amidst the sound of its heartbeat
The wind ruffling feathers, the beady eye of the crow scanning the evaporating clouds overhead.
I can’t tell you exactly who I am because there are different versions of me living inside the eyes of every person I’ve ever met. I hope you focus on the good, because I don’t get to choose who I become in your life .......A man on the edge precariously looking up or a sleek bird of majestic intentions looking down.

© 2018 Mark