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I Am a Being Like You


We are all equal in thoughts and feelings,

But your treatment, about how I should live,

Should never be the reason for my sadness,

Nobody is perfect, nobody deserves to hurt.

I may be broken, but I try to live in peace,

If my way of living threatens you,

Make me know how it feels to be at peace,

And make me understand that loving lives,

My heart pressures the moment I cry,

With sad reality of pain, please, learn,

To care for the ones you love and try,

To make them feel better in your turn.

I may not be perfect before you,

And you see me as a threat in your life,

Let me wait it all, in hidden days of

Broken pieces, left to conceal a heart.

I am who I am, a vessel of hope,

To the ones left in the hands of lost hopes,

Like a soldier, they will walk in peace,

And mind the ones who give them peace.

Give me my peace of mind,

And my heart will learn to love,

Without piece broken.

© 2021 Millicent Okello