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Am Sorry, Sorry for Myself


I don't like how it always pops on my mind
How I still feel how it felt
It's weird how my body can recall your love and not a sum I solved yesterday
I must call it juju

How did it end?
Introducing you to my best friend was the beginning of the end, right?
I really hate how a voice in my head says yes,

I should have seen it coming when I saw similar statuses on social media
Matching outfits
And selfies with each other in the recycle bin.
What was I thinking?

I knew you didn't care anymore when you came with that perfume,
Damn, it smelt nice,

If only I knew I would have quit at that moment,
But, I didn't want to show you that I didn't trust you,
That I was insecure
that I was aching
I felt lonely but hid it with a fake smile

All I wanted was you to have your freedom
But he imprisoned you in his heart,

Unity has no place for weakness and fear
was your slogan.
Printed on your foreheads
Who knew the slogan was against me.
Poor me,
I did not even fight back.

I could have, I just had no chance,
I liked how you were so prepared,
How faith could not help me.
when you hit my right cheek I gave my left.
I didn't even make move.

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