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Am I in Love Again?

Love can make you think about the truest things. I for one enjoy the topic of love in its darkest and lightest forms.


My heart is starting to race again..

Ow mahn.. Not again,

This was not supposed to happen to me,

Not now,

At least not when I'm like this.

His name was Joe,

Joe found me happy,

Joe found me secure,

Joe found me at peace.

Today I refer to him as "Ex",

Ex left me depressed,

Ex left me insecure,

Ex left me miserable.

No there is Paul,

Paul is mad over me,

Paul loves me,

Paul appreciates me.

Paul says he aches for me,

Paul says he will never break my heart.

Paul swore that he will always be there for me,

Paul got on on knee and proposed to me.

Then there is me,

A queen with a broken heart,

A queen that hates herself,

A queen that is angry

A queen that can not stand up for herself.

This queen is inlove with Paul,

A man that has a good heart,

A man that would protect her,

A man that has declared her love for her.

Fear in encrypted on the queens heart.

She doubts Paul,

She questions his love,

She needs....

© 2021 Hertha David

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