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Am I A Rich Person

This is about the things told to me by other person in my previous work place


They said I was person from a rich family,

They said I had a car

They said I also had a driver.

They said I live my life in a lavish way.

Who are they?

They are my recent past colleagues.

Some of the things they know and some they don’t,

Here I share.

Long time ago I left home for college in far city,

Eating twice a day was almost every day,

Not because I couldn’t eat more,

But because it was all I could afford,

With the money left after college fees.

Many locals said I was different from my other college mates,

Yes I was.

I could never live or afford to live like that.

But they said I was rich.

They saw me many a times going home in a car,

Even after telling that it was not mine,

They believed I was a rich guy.

Well I say yes I am rich.

I am rich to have blessing of the person whose car it was;

I am rich that the person is helping us in every way possible,

But the harsh reality is that-

We all need to return the favour one day or other.

For me the burden of favour is very high.

© 2020 Sannyasi Raja

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