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Always on the Fringes


Some live life on the edge

They enjoy stepping over the line of the border

Always about to fall over the ledge

Thriving in mass chaos and disorder

Holding grudges clinging to pain

Seeking whatever will cause a rift

Always losing and never again

Ready to jump off the cliff


Laughing at walking the gang plank

No fear of the last mile of the way

Standing on the safety of the bank

Caring not it might be the last day

Feet always dangling over the bridge

Looking into the water that's shallow

Teasing that jump off the ridge

Nothing in life is sacred or hallowed


Can't see the Forrest because of the trees

Blind to what is in plain sight

Only themselves do they car to please

No thought of wrong or right

Oblivious to others pain

Keeps stepping never flinches or cringes

Every drop of peacefulness they drain

For them, life is best lived on the fringes

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