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Always to Stand: E Pluribus Unum

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Our country, and Its E Pluribus Unum...out of many, one,

Forever is to be our motto, standing until every job done.

Written by the Congress in the very beginning, our start,

Meant to remind all who reads it, in hearts always a part.

The original thirteen colonies, fifty states to later become,

A United States of America comes each setting of the sun.

Never to change, its fine meaning, always there to remain,

From coast to coast, over mountains, all across every plain.


We were born, each so formed of the rawest materials,

All to be coming from many countries around the world.

We're United as one, and always courageous, so strong,

Under our one great flag to wave, everyone does belong.

No one foe or enemy will change our devotion, our intent,

We shall defend the innocent all around this grand earth.

Eradication of the terrible dangers, our goal as it is meant,

Each child of God, a right to live in peace, is heaven sent.


Our founding fathers were all to be influenced by God,

And all the people were meant to preserve and protect.

We drew up plans for a democracy, to last all our lives,

So that our future children and all their family so thrives,

A statue stands in our harbor, welcoming all coming there,

As many came before them each, this land for all to share.

A beacon of peace, of contentment, stands before the world,

The stars and stripes show a brotherhood, our flag unfurled.


All were meant to serve as examples, creations by our Lord,

To serve the world and be a testament, as all living in accord.

The Lord God is a mighty fortress, a shield, and buckler is He,

He'll stand beside us always, our champion and defender, be.

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